SEO Tips

On-site search engine optimization (SEO) is pretty intuitive once you know the basics, though it helps to have a foundation in HTML and marketing. The following blog posts will help you understand how it works and give you insights to help you think about your keywords as you develop content. Below these I've also included some links to external resources and blogs that provide good reference material. As with any of our marketing endeavors the most important thing is to write great (easy to read) content that serves the needs of your target audience. If you do that, the in-bound links will follow.

If you need assistance, I am also available to review your site, modify your code and edit your content to help improve your site's SEO. If you would like a quote, simply fill out my contact form, describe your goals and include a link to your site in the text. I'll then review the site to see what work I would recommend and get back to you with a proposal and price quote.

SEO Basics
Content and Social Media Tips to support SEO
Give your readers what they want. Scrap the bells, whistles and business jargon.
External SEO Resources
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