In case you missed it: the WordPress Presentation Screencast

November 23rd, 2010

This site was created to provide examples for use in a presentation given to the Cleveland Web Development SIG on November 20, 2010.

When I was first asking people for ideas on what I should include in the presentation a few asked if there would be a way to see it later. Sometimes when I do presentations I'll use Keynote or PowerPoint then save the slides to Slideshare. But in this case I knew I'd be showing a live site and various example files, so I knew that wouldn't work.

Instead I made a video recording of my screen using iShowU and the built in microphone on my MacBook Pro. I then split the video into 7 parts—to fit YouTube's 15 min. maximum length requirements—and added them all to a playlist. So if you watch the video below it should automatically take you to the following segments.

I don't do a lot of video, so I've yet to figure out the best way to optimize these for YouTube, thus the video will not look as crisp here as it did before I uploaded it. There will also be some sections during which audience members were speaking that you may not be able to hear as well. But hopefully it's sufficient to get the gist of it. There are more details here on the site, but for those who would like to watch the presentation, here it is.

Get Adobe Flash player Video of Nov. 20, 2010 WordPress Presentation

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