Role Scoper

December 28th, 2010

When developing sites for businesses, or even group blogs, there may be times when you want to provide greater control over which users can access, modify or approve content. While WordPress offers varying levels of access, these levels apply site-wide. Role Scoper gives you more granular control, so that you can give user X permission to edit and approve content in section one, or category B, while still restricting them from editing section two.

This is particularly useful for organizations who want to assign maintenance of different sections to different people without worrying that they'll edit things they shouldn't. Role Scoper is also useful for sites implementing custom post-types and taxonomies. When you add custom-post types to a site, they can only be viewed by the administrator until you define who else can view them. While this can be done manually, Role Scoper makes it easy to give readers permission to view such pages.

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