Need a bit more editing control? Try TinyMCE Advanced

July 30th, 2011

WordPress has a built in editor that isn't bad, but sometimes you need a bit more control. Your site admins/editors may need access to more options. On the other hand you may want to create some restrictions. For instance you may wish to prevent them from making giant red headlines if those will clash with your ocean blue theme. TinyMCE Advanced will let you add or subtract the editing options you make available to your users, and offers far more options in the visual editor than you would get by default.

Another issue relates to what happens when you paste in content from other places. For instance, I often write posts in code and then just paste them into the HTML editor window. Sometimes when I do this WordPress will add additional linebreaks.

On my sites I solve this problem by adding

remove_filter ('the_content', 'wpautop');

to my functions.php file. This works fine for me because I write my pages and posts in HTML. But it doesn't work well for clients who are unlikely to do that. So in those cases I set TinyMCE Advanced to stop removing the <p> and <br /> elements and to show them in the HTML editor. This way when it adds such breaks you can see them in the editor and then remove them.

TinyMCE Advanced settings

There are many different plug-ins available for WordPress and you may find one that better suits your needs, but TinyMCE Advanced has been able to solve most of my problems.

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