About the Sample WordPress Site

This site offers an overview of information useful for getting started with self-hosted WordPress sites, but is not meant to be a fully comprehensive guide to WordPress. It was developed for use in a 90 minute class I gave to the Cleveland Web Development SIG and thus includes only as much content as I thought I could cover in that time frame.

What this includes

This site provides a very general overview regarding the use of WordPress as a content management system. It is aimed at Web Developers and other techies who are comfortable with HMTL, CSS and a bit of PHP who are just getting acquainted with WordPress. Topics covered include:

I came up with the above topics through crowdsourcing. During the weeks before the presentation I asked people on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn what they would want to know if they were attending the presentation. Then I chose the topics that came up most often in the answers as well as those necessary to provide a good foundation for development.

What this doesn't cover

90 minutes is a short period of time to cover a topic as vast as WordPress, so naturally one can only tackle a fraction of the information available. Thus this presentation will not cover WordPress Theme Frameworks, multi-site installations, BuddyPress, etc.