Me in the Media

If I were the Behemoth Corporation this would be my Press Page. Since I'm not, I don't get a ton of media attention, but I am sometimes referenced in online magazines and blogs. Here are a few articles you may wish to peruse.

Critical Results Blog: Win: Cleveland GiveCamp

July 21, 2010

Mark W. Schumann reviews the success of Cleveland GiveCamp, a weekend long event in which over 100 volunteers developed Web sites and applications for local non-profit organizations. In the article he mentions my role—in which I helped developers with WordPress questions and gave a presentation on WordPress to the non-profits. I also wrote about this event at Making the world better, by building better Web sites: Cleveland GiveCamp. How to Improve Your E-Mail Marketing

May 13, 2010

Tiffany Black shares tips on ways to improve e-mail marketing campaigns. I'm mentioned on page 3 where I'm quoted about creating strong calls to action. How to Use WordPress for Business

May 3, 2010

This article, by Tiffany Black, provides an overview for businesses thinking about using WordPress as their content management system or blog software. I am quoted regarding the reasons I find WordPress to be useful—both from a development and client standpoint.

Inside Business Magazine: Powered Up

March/April 2010

As a follow-up to the Inside Business Power 100 issue, author Dan Hanson compiled a list of tech leaders in greater Cleveland. I'm listed in the section on social media. In compiling the list Dan reached out to a variety of local techies (including me) to get their nominations for people to include. Additional background information, including a list of "Up and Comers" that didn't make the main article, can be found in Dan's Great Lakes Geek article, Top Tech Titans in Cleveland. You can also listen to the accompanying Great Lakes Geek audio podcast to gain some historical perspective and learn more about the process of selecting the tech leaders.

Silicon Beach Training Blog: What’s the latest on nofollow links?

March 19, 2010

Earlier in the month, the Silicon Beach team, asked the LinkedIn community to answer the question, What’s the latest on nofollows?. In this article they compiled several of the responses, including mine, and offered some conclusions on the topic, namely that the best ways to use nofollow are still under debate.

Design Your Way: 25 Web Development Blogs You Should Be Reading

March 11, 2010

My Web Development Blog is included in Design Your Way's list of 25 recommended Web development blogs. This list includes classic industry standards such as A List Apart as well as newer blogs pertaining to more specific topics such as jQuery. If you are looking for more blogs to read you should find some good ones here. 30 Tips for Using Social Media in Your Business

January 25, 2010

Inc. reporter, April Joyner, shares tips in using social media for business. Tip 28, Boost your credibility by helping others, shows how I use LinkedIn answers to build my reputation and generate leads.

Social Media Examiner: New Study Reveals Facebook Better Than Twitter for Marketers

January 18, 2010

Earlier last year, MarketingProfs contacted a small number of social media practitioners (including yours truly) to answer questions and share insights to be used as they conducted research to develop their report, "The State of Social Media Marketing." In this article, Amy Porterfield provides an in-depth overview of the report and includes quotes by me that were published in the report.

Websites for Small Biz: 10 Noteworthy Twitter Landing Pages

December 13, 2009

Twitter user profiles include a space where you can link to a Web site or blog. While most people link to their main Web site, others create a special landing page geared specifically to Twitter users. Here Leora Wenger shares examples of 10 such pages, including mine.

Inc.'s The Internet Strategist: Building Your Tribe - 6 LinkedIn Success Studies (final/part 3),

September 21, 2009

In this article Maisha Walker reviews various social media strategies that consultants and others use to generate business and leads via LinkedIn. One of the examples she includes is my method of answering questions in the LinkedIn Answers area. If you want to know more about LinkedIn, I recommend reading all three parts of the series. Maisha also offers a wealth of advice on a variety of Internet topics, so if you're a blog reader you may wish to subscribe.

Social Media Today: Here’s how one web designer deals with negative comments

August 7, 2009

Earlier this summer online community strategist Angela Connor posed a question on LinkedIn asking about ways to handle negative comments. After I answered her question she asked if she could repost my answer on her blog, after which it was also picked up by Social Media Today.

AriWriter: Guest Interview with Heidi Cool: How a University Experiments with Social Media

January 12, 2009

One day in December 2008 I followed a link from Twitter to an article on Ari Herzog's blog, AriWriter, where I left a comment. Ari commented back and soon after asked if he could interview me regarding how I was using social media as Webmaster for Case Western Reserve University. I left Case a few months later, to venture forth on my own, but this article covers some of the ways I was experimenting with social media from 2005-2008. Since this article was published Ari and I have become friends and often trade ideas related to marketing, social media and the Web. This article was also one of Ari's top 9 posts of 2009, which I think is kind of fun, and it has driven a nice amount of traffic to this site.

I later wrote about Ari's use of social media in his winning campaign for Newburyport City Council in my article, Goal-driven social media strategies & tactics: how are you interacting with your target audience?

Smashing Magazine: Fixed vs. Fluid vs. Elastic Layout: What’s The Right One For You?

June 2, 2009

Fixed vs. fluid or elastic layouts can be a controversial topic in Web design. There are pro's and con's to each. In this article, Kayla Knight provides the most thorough coverage of the topic that I've read to date. In section 7 (Which Is Right For Your Website?), Kayla includes a quote by me, in which I explain why we (at the time) used a fixed width layout on Case Western Reserve University Web sites. I've developed sites both ways but currently favor the simplicity and control of fixed width or hybrid designs. Welcome to Social Media is an example of a hybrid design. The main content container has a fixed width but the background of the header and footer expand and contract to fill the screen.