About @hacool (Heidi Cool)

Hello fellow Tweeters!

Welcome to http://www.heidicool.com, home of the Web Development Blog, my Web project portfolio, photography samples, and background information about me and my philosophy regarding the Web and social media.

Heidi Cool

Need ideas or assistance for your Web or social media project?

Additional thoughts on Web development issues ranging from writing to social media can be found on my Web Development Blog. I've also compiled a series of these posts into my Planning Your Web Site Tutorial, a short guide that will help you get into the marketing mindset to establish goals for your project, identify your audience and prepare your content and organizational strategies.

If you have a topic you would like me to write about on the blog, or if you or your organization needs assistance with developing your Web site, blog or social media plan, please contact me here or e-mail cool(at)heidicool.com.

My Twitter Following Policy

I've been building my Twitter followers slowly and organically over time. I do not use any of the Twitter list building services, nor do I autofollow. If you Tweet about issues related to Web Development, design, marketing, SEO, social media, higher education, cooking, photography, philosophy, or other topics that pique my interest AND you use Twitter to share ideas from multiple sources and regularly interact with your followers, then I'll probably follow you back.

If you don't engage in conversation, only Tweet your own material, think of Twitter as merely a publishing tool, or engage in spam related Tweeting, I won't. If you are reading this page, odds are that you don't fall into that latter category.

Life beyond Twitter

Like many Tweeters, I use a variety of social media sites and services. If you would like to connect with me through another service such as Flickr or StumbleUpon, I've provided a list of the services I use most often (and why) on my social media profiles page. You can also now follow heidicool.com on Facebook where each day I'll be adding one new link or tip related to Web development and related topics.